Beautiful Greek Islands You Must Visit!

If you wish to have an exciting and fun summer vacation, you can visit Greece. It has many beautiful islands where you can witness photogenic mountains capes, ravishing coastlines, crystal clear waters, and more wonderful scenes. It is a must visit for an Instagram perfect vacation.

Here are the top 3 Islands that you may consider when visiting Greece:


Mykonos is just one of the islands of Greece where you can party harder in a beach side. Not to mention, there are already high rise hotels and restaurants where you can stay and try different cuisines while enjoying the view. When you get in the place, you will say that it is like a paradise with its whitewashed Cycladic maze. It is inspired with authentic cubist charms and filled with coffee shops, bars, and boutiques where you can just chill, party, and buy souvenirs.

In the middle of July and August, you can come in Mykonos and prepare for street crowds. You expect that there are thousands of visitors coming, even from a cruise-ship which can bring almost 15,000 travellers a day. You can visit the Panagia Paraportiani, a rocklike church consisting of five small chapels, including that found in the upper storey which can only be reached through an exterior staircase. It is oftentimes not open for visitors, but its gist is its exterior being fabulously picture perfect.

You also don’t need to come to Venice because Mykonos has its “Little Venice”. The place is rich in history, believed to be the center of trade during the 16th and 17th century. Currently, the buildings are constructed with balconies overhanging the water where you can see the beauty of the town that meets the sea. The neighbourhood is stuffed with gorgeous and elegant ancestral houses that are located perilously on the edge of the majestic sea.
Mykonos is a place where you will be awed with its whiter than white homes filled with geraniums and bougainvillea. Just one of the most visited typical Mykonian houses is Lena’s House and it is built in the late 19th century.

As you wander the streets, you can find chic boutiques where you can buy various items which will make your vacation in the island unforgettable. The Panagia Paraportiani is just one of the churches that you can find in Mykonos. There are more churches to discover that are certainly a must see in your list. There are also a few small museums including Aegean Maritime Museum.


Just like Mykonos, Ios has a reputation for music and partying, but it has the wildest nightlife of all the islands. It is also known for sea and sex. It is just a place where hedonism is given much significance. That is why if you are seeking self-indulgence, you may visit Ios. However, the island is so much more because there are other villages and spotless beaches where party does not infiltrate.

You can wander through the hilltop of the old town and discover isolated interiors as well as exteriors. You can explore the Paleokastro, where the ruins of the castle which was originally built in 1397 can be found. You can also experience a breathtaking view of the beautiful island atop the hill.

You may also choose to wind and relax on a sandy beach and chill under the sun while having a cold drink. You can walk through the white Mylopotas Beach and kill your hangover the night before. But, if you want to have a little privacy, you can proceed to Maganari Beach and take a break from the crowd.

Meanwhile, if you want an active and productive day, you can try many water sports from wake boarding, stand up paddle, and Jet Ski to banana boat ride, tube rides, and other common water games. Aside from that, you can have an exciting adventure with windsurfing while the waters are being fanned by strong north winds. You may also discover different sea creatures and colourful corals when you try snorkelling. All of these activities are perfect for once in a lifetime adventure with your family and friends or even alone.

Perhaps, your vacation would not be complete without knowing the history and culture of the place. Visiting the Archaeological Museum will give you a few hints about Ios. But, you need to know its schedule because it is often closed. You can also explore Skarkos, a place where architectures and archaeological sites established since the Cycladic period are well preserved.

And if you are fond of literature, you may be familiar with Odyssey and the Illiad. Yes, it is written by Homer and it is believed that his tomb can be found here, just a few kilometres away from the town. It is worth it because it’s not just all tombstones that you can find. Instead, you can have astonishing sight of the cliffs.

Of course, who would have not known it? You may have imagined being in the place with your special someone. The island is known for its romantic sunset that is why it is usually the place for honeymoons.

From afar, Santorini is like a piece of colourful layered cake. It has a multicoloured cliff due to the structure’s different paints. Aside from all the romances, there are many things to explore and enjoy in the island and the top of the list is the Ancient Akrotiri. Just come to imagine that there is actually a Minoan city deep beneath volcanic due to the 1613 BC eruption. It was only discovered in 1967 and until now, people continue to retain it as it was enclosed with a protective structure. You are allowed to witness the history of the place as you pass through different parts of the city.

You can also enhance your experience by tasting wine in one of the oldest wineries on the island- the Art Space. As the name implies, it is also a home for superb artworks that are created by finest modern artists of Greece.

At the north of the island is the most visited scenery since it is where you can witness the famous Oia sunset. But you must be aware that you can best view the sunset from the tip of the island.

There are many more things to discover in Santorini. You may ask friendly locals to accompany you to wonderful places in the island. Well, this is just a few things that you can try, so better start on planning on how you can get to these three beautiful Greek islands.

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