Hopfgarten: Skiing Experience of a Life Time!

Want a Memorable Winter Vacation? Hopfgarten is one of the best ski destinations to visit!

If you are planning to have a great adventure this year, maybe you want to try something different. Hopfgarten is just the perfect spot if you want to experience flurries of snow, marvelous sceneries, and a lot of recreational activities for your family and friends.

Why Hopfgarten?
Winter in Hopfgarten is a lot of fun as it offers many attractions, from ice-skating, winter hiking, and skiing, to tobogganing, apres-skiing, and shopping. If you will try to imagine all the activities that it can offer, you will probably never get bored.
But, if you are worrying about how to perform all those activities, don’t worry because Hopfgarten is for all levels of skiers. It is a part of the SkiWelt, which is the largest interconnected ski area in Austria, and as well as an economic center of the Brixental Valley.

Since it has made its name as the world’s most prominent winter sports destination, you will probably miss the fun if you will not try visiting it now. It will be an exciting adventure taking into consideration the fact that you need to run into approximately five miles downhill, being the longest among all areas in the SkiWelt.

Here are the reasons why you should visit Hopfgarten to have a memorable winter vacation:

Blending with the “Hopfgoscht”; Center of tourism
It may be inevitable for you to blend in with the crowd, most especially with the locals. It is not bad to ask for their company because they may know what is best for you. Although the small town is known as “Hopfgarten” in the whole world, you should be aware that locals refer to it as “Hopfgoscht” in their dialect.
Some people also think that it is a diocesan town because of its large baroque church with two towers. But, it is not and has never been. Besides, the Brixental Cathedral is just a sign that Hopfgarten is still the place of trading and tourism for over 650 years, unlike many places in Tirol.

Long distance walking for soul satisfaction
The newest outdoor activity that you may try is the KAT walk. You may plan a day or a week hike from Hopfgarten to Fieberbrunn. Long-distance waking through the Kitzbuhel Alps is a once in a lifetime experience that will surely satisfy your sole. This will allow you to meditate and find yourself as you walk along the trail. You will discover the most beautiful places found in the Kitzbuhel Alps.

The trail is divided into six segments and each requires different hiking preferences and skill levels. There are a few highlights that you should not miss when you try KAT Walking. From the very beginning, you will see numbers of marvelous farmhouses that are owned by different families for generations. But, most of them are well maintained.

Dumpling trio-healthy and mouthwatering snack after a tiring walk
If you reached the Lodron, which is the highest point of the second stage, you can have a nice view of the Kitzbuhel Alps. After a tiring hike, you may rest and eat their specialty, the “Dumpling Trio” consisting of bacon, cheese, and spinach. After which, you can wander across the most dangerous, notorious, and blood-curdling “Streif”.  

A hub for plant lovers

Most visitors also admire over 400 species of flowers and as well as plants that can be found here. Do you know that operators Eva and Toni Hofer collected seeds of different plants from all around the world just to replant them here since 1985? You will be enchanted with its floral extravaganza.

Best skiing destination in the world
The best reason why you should visit Hopfgarten is because it is the best place for a memorable skiing holiday. It offers the ideal condition being one of the sunniest in the Kitzbuhel Alps. It can be found at the foot of the mighty Hohe Salve Mountain in the magnificent Brixental valley. It is also where you can find the best views in the east of Tirol.

More areas to explore
Hopfgarten is the place where you can enjoy the largest ski resort in Austria- the SkiWelt Wiilder Kaiser- offering a wide range of slopes for snowboarders and skiers of all abilities. Aside from that, there are also numbers of activities that you can try during the winter months, especially if you want something away from the pistes. Many pro skiers continue to visit the resort in order to explore more areas, given the fact that it is very large.

More winter sports and activities to experience
Hopfgarten is rich in various winter sports and activities. SkiWelt Wilder caters boarders and skiers of all ages and abilities, which makes it the best place where you can spend your time with your family and friends. There are nine villages that are covered by the resort including Going, Soll, and Brixen im Thale and they can be accessed using cable cars and lifts or on skis.
There are also a lot of slopes that are suitable for both beginners and experts. There are also a number of race courses that can be used for competitions or even friendly play. You can even stroll at night because there are several floodlit pistes which makes it a hub where you can relax and forget all the stress from home and work. And of course, you can ride the cable car in Hochbrizen and see the captivating sun lounge made from natural ice as well as the Igloo Village from the top.
You should not worry if you will bring your car with you because the resort has its own underground car park that can accommodate 500 free parking spaces.

More steps to go
You can also try snowshoeing in Hopfgarten. You can walk along the banks of Kelchsau Ache River offering splendid views of Hohe Salve Mountain and Brixental Valley, all blanketed in white. Actually, you can choose between a short walk and a long walk. You may also try a stop at quaint Sunnseit Hut where you can view the Hohe Tauern Range, Kitzbuhel Alps, and the surrounding landscape.

More sledding to enjoy
The Haagalm Toboggan Run is a fast and twisting run that is being maintained by the locals which descends at least 3.8km into the valley from the Haagalm hut. You need to walk for at least an hour, along the stream up to the hut where you can also have a snack and a drink. Remember that you can only reach the place on foot.

A great hub for summer
Of course, Hopfgarten is not only an amazing destination during the winter, but it can also be visited during the summer. You can avail of numerous leisure facilities like tennis courts and halls, summer sledge track and beach volley court. You can also visit the Salvenaland themepark where you can bathe in a lake. You can also try ballooning, canyoning, hand-gliding, canoeing, kayaking, and rafting along the Hopfgarten im Brixental.

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